Unusual sofas: types

What do not people just invent torest became more comfortable! The sofa is no longer sufficient to have comfortable backs and soft cushions - people need a unique design, and the producers meanwhile do not stand still and do not cease to surprise us. Unusual sofas will fall in love with people of creative professions and those who are for originality and pretentiousness in interior design. The variant of the original form will make any room bright, stylish and will show all the eccentricity of the owner. Unusual models of sofas surprise with sizes, shapes and colors.

Designers, of course, could not stay away and presented the world with unusual multi-functional sofas. Let's get acquainted with the most unexpected models.

Natural subjects

  • Unusual sofas from Gaetano Pesce in the form ofthe mountains. Designer Gaitano is delighted with the mountains and assures that in order to see the beauty, it is not necessary to go far. The unusual sofas invented by him look so realistic that it seems that the waterfall is just about to zap and you will feel the breath of the wind strolling along the passes. Better mountains can only be soft sofas.

unusual sofas

  • Sofa-lounger Lune Blanche. Lune Blanche translates as "white moon", which can diversify any interior. It is made of a deciduous vine or wisteria. The sofa is primarily like a design art object, and not a place to relax.
  • Sofa-bowl. A construction made of wood rods bent at different angles is made. The model is considered incredibly comfortable due to the soft upholstery and a large number of pillows, which can be changed if desired.

With love to animals

Individual project from an artist from Korea SenJi Muna - a sofa for cats and their owners Cat Tunnel Sofa. Sen Ji Moon wanted to create a piece of furniture that would be suitable not only for people, but also for their pets. This is how the sofa with a special tunnel appeared, which at the same time is an armrest and a shelter, where the cat will happily settle down.

individual project

Art objects

Consider a model range of amazing sofas fromJonas Jurgaitis. Jonas Jurgaitis came up with a series of sofas, which at first glance are completely uncomfortable and inconvenient for rest. But the artist does not despair and believes that his creative impulse will not go unnoticed, and this is the main thing.

The sofa-flower is also interesting. It was created by the Russian designer from Moscow Albina Basharova and, despite the unusual look, very functional. His back reclines, forming a comfortable sleeping place, and "petals" meanwhile perform the function of armrests and coasters. Also in the floral sofa built-in convenient electric light.

Another amazing model - Spirit of 427. Unusual sofas of this series are made of leather and will please fans of retro cars. The Polish design studio, which produced them, used original parts of the machines of the 60s for the design. The series also features armchairs that look very original in tandem with sofas.

sofas of unusual shape

Funny options

There are also models of soft toys. A voluminous and very pleasant to the touch sofa is made of hundreds of soft toys. Such wonderful furniture can not but interest the merry and romantic, but when you care for it you can not do without a powerful vacuum cleaner. Looks sofa from teddy bears funny, and bright, and fun.

And how do you couch-popcorn? Invented by his designer from Belgium Carl de Smet. The model is made of polyurethane, which has a memory effect. The invention works in this way: a small armchair connects to the network and grows to a real size in the likeness of popcorn. If the final version does not suit the buyer, the sofa can simply be blown away.


There are sofas that remember the shape of the body. Their design is classic, familiar to many, but it is only at first glance. If you look closely, the furniture is made of special material, which is able to adjust to the bends of the human figure, thereby providing maximum comfort. Unusual sofas are made of elastic viscous foam with "body shape memory".

unusual multifunctional sofas

Design above all

If mostly you care about the appearancefurniture, sometimes you can sacrifice comfort. In addition, often unusual couches are released for a certain event or holiday. For example, Valentine's Day or professional exhibition, where furniture can become the center of the event or simply decorate the interior.

To buy unusual sofas it is possible and proceeding from own preferences or a trade, a hobby.

unusual models of sofas

The option shown in the photo above is perfectwill complement the room of a hacker or gamer. In addition, it is compact and has the usual form, so you do not have to worry about the inconvenience of placing it on it.

And how do you like the idea of ​​a sofa made from a largenumber of pillows? It sounds rather strange, but only until you see this extraordinary piece of furniture. The abundance of bright colors, flowers and drawings will decorate any individual project or room in the classical style. The design option is able to make the living space emotionally saturated.

Of course, looking at the unusual couches, almosteveryone will wonder whether it is comfortable to sit and lie on such unusual furniture. Can not even doubt, because the best of the world's best designers, coming up with these works of interior art, reflected not only on personal self-expression, but also about your convenience. So author works are significant, that they have a peculiar appearance, decorate and even radically transform the space of the room, but they do not depart from their immediate functions.