Evgeny Kostin: what this person is known for, and how he achieved success

Yevgeny Kostin is famous in his circles, but what kind of person is he, and how does his name gradually become more famous? In this we will try to understand this article.

Who is Eugene Costin?

At the moment, Eugene - the headdepartment of sales of the SeoPult system, but his career began back in 2007, when he began to professionally engage in Internet technologies, Internet marketing and SEO. Until 2010, he worked in a holding company called AVAGA in the search engine optimization department, overseeing the customer direction.

Further, Costin began to develop his skills indirection SEO, working in an agency of this focus. There he developed a partner network, developed internal automation systems for promotion. In early 2012 he became an employee of the SeoPult system.

Evgeny Kostin

What does he do at the moment?

Since Evgeny Kostin became the head of thesales department, he began teaching on the Internet and conducting various webinars. For example, in 2014, Eugene became a teacher in the organization "Ashmanov and Partners" - an academy dedicated to Internet marketing. He is also a lecturer in an educational center called Cybernarketing, and his webinars (which he has already conducted over 200 pieces) collect 200-300 thousand views.

In addition, Yevgeny Kostin is the co-author of the book"Promotion: secrets of effective website promotion". This work became a bestseller and a laureate of the "Book Award" from the Ozon website. Is not this an excellent achievement? But I want to add a little about the specifics of his work.

Head of Sales Department

How to make money on Internet promotion?

Creating and promoting websites is not an easy thing,but this business can begin, even if you have 20-30 thousand rubles for starting capital, the main thing is diligence. This is how Yevgeny Kostin thinks, since the creation and promotion of sites is his hobby. He also decided to give a couple of tips that can contribute to earnings through Internet marketing:

  1. You need to give up contractors. Mediators are not the best option in the scheme of earnings,the advertising agency will only double the costs, and the result will not be so much worth the cost. In addition, it is worth considering that advertising agencies rarely undertake to deal with a small budget, so is there any sense to go there at all? An exit: to develop own strategy which will help you independently to cope with advancement, or to hire for the help of the trainee who will be as much as possible the responsible person.

  2. Likbez. In order to understand the principles wellInternet marketing, you need to know the terminology. Ideally, if you pass any webinar on this topic and master all the words necessary for doing business.

  3. Table tools. For independent work, you must beare fully aware of the scope of their work, that is, it is necessary to have their own knowledge base. The second necessary thing is a set of tools, that is, services that allow you to promote your business.

creation and promotion of sites

How profitable is it to have a business?

Let's just say, invest in your own initiative inInternet marketing will pour out a pretty penny, some SEO and promotion services are free, but in this case they have limited functionality. For extended use, you will need to subscribe. This is not the only monetary investment, it is worth noting that it all depends on the methods of your work. If you learn how to squeeze all the juices out of your activity, as Eugene Kostin does, then neither the small budget nor the contribution of money to Internet marketing will prevent you from earning good money in this business.

At present, there are all the possibilities for this:free training and available tools for the needs of users (albeit not always free, but not always costly). The main thing is not to be afraid to start.