Age of Empires 3: codes for the game

Today we will talk about how to simplify the gameprocess in Age of Empires 3. The codes, which will be discussed below, will help us in this very much. All games of the series are united by a common theme of historical events.

Age of Empires 3: codes for items and not only

age of empires 3 codes
So, we press Enter, we enter the necessary code andagain use the "Enter" key. First, we'll figure out how to get a tree. To do this, enter WOODSTOCK. Food is one of the most important resources in Age of Empires 3. The codes for its receipt also exist. In particular, you can use the combination PEPPERONI PIZZA. If you need extra money, the COINAGE code will work. To get the stones, enter QUARRY. All structures can be built faster when using the combination of STEROIDS. To ask the system to show you a map, type REVEAL MAP. You can get control over the animals. For this, the GAIA code is provided. However, when it is used, loss of control over people occurs. The priest can develop a speed similar to the rider, and receive 600 defense points. To do this, enter the HOYOHOYO combination. To join the game for any of the eight participants, enter PLAYER1-8. You can build all the buildings using the QUICK combination. TIMSAYSCHEAT allows you to prohibit or allow codes during the game.


Some codes for the game Age of Empires 3 will helpwin the battle, and now we will quote the most useful of them. The NO FOG code will help to cancel the fog of war. Destroy all the DIEDIEDIE code. If you still decide to give up, use the combination RESIGN. You can make hara-kiri to your character, with the help of the appropriate HARI KARI team. The HOME RUN code allows to win a simple victory. KILLX will allow you to destroy the enemy in a certain place specified in the account. To get a super-catapult, enter the BIG BERTHA code. The combination of ICBM allows you to add 100 points to the ballista range. Victory will give us the command VICTORY. A heavy trireme based on an air cushion with a catapult will be at your disposal if you enter the code FLYING DUTCHMAN. If you use the command MEDUSA after the defeat of the peasant, a black rider will rise from it. If he also dies, a heavy catapult will arise in his place. To have a soldier armed with a laser rifle, enter PHOTON MAN. A machine with a jet launcher will appear if you enter BIGDADDY. The call of a soldier armed with a nuclear rifle is carried out by the team E = MC2 TROOPER. Invite a special commander with a bazooka representing the 20th century, you can code GIVEMENUKE.


codes for game age of empires 3
Now you know how to facilitate the gameplay inAge of Empires 3. The codes above will help you. The development of the project required extensive research. According to the creators, this project is devoted not so much to history as to human experience.