How to cut out a piece of video? Easily!

Fans of movies and fans of popular TV showsoften faced with the problem of how to cut out a piece of video, a failed or simply an extra moment, to compose your video, or even create a full-length feature film from parts of the video.

How to cut out a piece of video

Quite often such questions are asked on variousforums and websites related to computer topics. Particularly interested in users is the question of how to crop video without losing quality, which is important. After all, who wants to watch poor-quality video, fuzzy and with a lot of different jams, and even with superfluous fragments? That's right, no one.

So, how to cut out a piece of video? In this there is nothing complicated. Such operations as cropping video, compositing parts, changing the format or file extension are easily done with the help of converter programs. They are fairly simple to use and have an intuitive interface. They can be used not only by a professional, but also by an ordinary PC user.

It should be noted that such a program can be installed on a computer, or used online. Sites that provide such services are missing.

crop video without loss of quality

If you plan to make such videosconstantly, it is best, of course, to download and install a similar program on the computer. It will be much better and easier than every time to go to the site, select settings, download videos and perform other actions. If you need to make one or two of these videos, then, of course, it is worth using an online converter.

In addition, it is important to note that by choosingconverter, it is best to pay attention to simple free programs. Using them, you will never have a question about how to cut out a piece of video, since everything will be quite simple and understandable. Most of these programs do not even require an instruction or user manual. As for paid professional development, then it's pretty easy to get confused, not understanding the purpose of a function.

So, we talked about the choice of the program a little. Now we need to go on to one more important point. Another question that a beginner might have is the following: "In what formats can I trim a video?". Avi, mp4, mkv and many other popular formats are supported by almost all programs.
By the way, with the help of the converter, you not only cancrop the video, but also change its extension, and therefore reduce its size. This feature is indispensable for those who make video specifically for the phone. After all, as you know, phones are not read by all video files.

crop avi video

What programs can I use? VirtualDubMod, VideoMaster, Free Video Dub, Freemake Video Converter. Quite easy to use, they will greatly facilitate the work with video files.

Well, now you know how to cut out ofvideo piece that should be taken into account when choosing a program for working with video, as well as what simple, but at the same time good and high-quality programs can be used for trimming and gluing the material. We hope our article has helped you!