Hypertension: herbal treatment, features

Hypertension - increased blood pressure,which is a manifestation of hypertensive disease or neurocirculatory dystonia. This pathology also appears as a symptom of kidney or endocrine damage, often provoked by nervous stress and physical overstrain, can be caused by inactivity, alcohol abuse and malnutrition. Quite often this disorder develops against the backdrop of arteriosclerosis of blood vessels.

How to cure hypertension?

The method of therapy depends on the stage of the disorderblood pressure and etiology of the disease. If symptomatic hypertension occurs, herbal treatment can be the main method of correcting this pathology. It is advisable to use phytotherapy with neurocirculatory dystonia and 1-2 degree pressure increase, since in later stages of the disease and with its malignant course, the herbs can only be an integral part of complex therapy.

Hypertension: Herbal Treatment

Usually performed in uncomplicated coursethis disease. It includes the use of various charges that contain plants with antihypertensive properties (magnolia, mistletoe, cotton grass, mountain ash, birch leaves, hawthorn, motherwort, Valerian and Melissa, oregano, plantain, spores and dill, horse sorrel, dog rose and many others).

 treatment of hypertension with herbs
Treatment of hypertension with herbs should be conductedregularly and systematically. Only in this case the results will be positive, occasional use of infusions or decoctions of medicinal plants is ineffective.

When special charges are applied,remember that some of their components have certain contraindications. Thus, the fees that contain black chokeberry or nettle leaves should not be used with severe atherosclerosis or high hematocrit, and also with an increased risk of thrombosis. And, for example, in the presence of black nightshade, the dosage should be strictly observed, since this plant is poisonous.

When hypertension develops, herbal medicineshould include plant components that affect not only the level of blood pressure, but also the underlying disease. So, with increasing pressure due to kidney damage, it is recommended to take fees, the action of which is also aimed at improving the performance of these organs. With excess weight, grasses are useful, which stimulate metabolic processes - yarrow, stigma of corn, dandelion root and chicory, sage.

If patients are associated with constipation,To the collections should be added rhubarb, zhoster and alexandria leaf. If you are prone to diarrhea, you should avoid the use of flax seeds, oregano, thyme, mountain ash or licorice.

how to cure hypertension
If patients develop a stablehypertension, herbal therapy should be conducted long courses. With the improvement of the condition and the normalization of blood pressure, phytotherapy should be used at least twice a year for 2 months, which will prevent the exacerbation of the disease.

In addition, in hypertension, herbal therapy should be combined with common or foot baths with infusions of lime flowers, birch leaves, oregano, cones of hops, thyme, sage.

It should be remembered that during the phytotherapy should take into account the peculiarities of the course of hypertension and the individual sensitivity of patients to the components of charges.