Symptoms of chronic tonsillitis, its prevention and treatment

Symptoms of chronic tonsillitis
The main cause of chronictonsillitis is an inflammatory process in the tonsils. Of great importance is the level of immunity in the body observed at the time of the initial stage of the disease. Often, tonsillitis leads to improper and uncontrolled therapy of angina. For this reason, if the first signs of the disease are found, the doctor-otolaryngologist should be contacted immediately.

Symptoms of chronic tonsillitis are manifested ina kind of pain in the part of the neck that is in front of the vertebral column, and an unpleasant odor from the oral cavity. Often there is a feeling of "coma" in the throat. Also, the symptoms of chronic tonsillitis can manifest in the form of pain in the head and in the ears. This is due to the squeezing of the caseous plug in the throat as its size increases.

Often the symptoms of chronic tonsillitisare observed in the form of a small but long-term increase in body temperature, reduced ability to work and the general weakness of the body. In this case, there is an increase in lymph nodes, which are under the jaw and are clearly palpated with painful palpation. Symptoms of chronic tonsillitis are usually most acute in the evening, and each person on their basis is able to immediately determine which disease it has overcome.

Prophylaxis of chronic tonsillitis
Prophylaxis of chronic tonsillitis begins withhygiene. It is important to regularly clean the nasal cavity and mouth, and monitor the order in the living room. In addition, you should visit a dentist in time to maintain the gums and teeth in a healthy state. In this way, it is possible to prevent the onset of inflammatory processes and the multiplication of numerous microorganisms.

For the prevention of tonsillitis should be dailyClean and humidify the air indoors, both at home and at work. Thanks to this simple method, the drying of the nasopharynx can be avoided. It is also necessary to wash hands frequently and all items used in the process of food intake, to limit access to the body of pathogens.

A properly balanced daily diet also prevents the development of tonsillitis. The pathogenic microflora is killed by the onslaught of vitamins, fatty acids and trace elements.

Treatment of acute tonsillitis
In the winter (the time when the risk increasesmorbidity of acute respiratory disease, acute respiratory viral infection, influenza) with the aim of preventing tonsillitis it is recommended to take drugs that stimulate the normal functioning of the immune system. Such medicines include IRS-19, Interferon, Remantadin. They have the ability to enhance the protective function in the body. Naturally, such drugs are a supplement to mandatory vaccination.

Chronic tonsillitis often occurscause of improper treatment of the acute form of the disease. For example, it may be dangerous to refuse the use of antibiotics or to prematurely discontinue the course of therapy. For this reason, the treatment of acute tonsillitis should be carried out according to the prescriptions of the doctor and in no case should it be possible to make independent decisions.